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WINNERS & LOSERS Scorecard of who's news in the bank rank Percent change 1998 v. 1997 % ASSETS Banco Santander/ Brazil 250.8 Chase Manhattan/ Argentina 131 ABN - Amro Bank/ Brazil 69.6 BBV Banco Frances/ Argentina 68.6 Citibank/ Argentina 46.5 BEMGE/ Brazil -50.8 Banco Bilbao Vizcaya/ Brazil -50.9 Banco Meridional/ Brazil -59.2 Banespa/ Brazil -60 CCF do Brasil -60.2 LOAN GROWTH Banco Santander/ Brazil 127.1 Chase Manhattan/ Brazil 87.4 BBV Banco Frances/ Argentina 87.4 Citibank/ Mexico 56.8 Banco Cafetero/ Colombia 47.7 FIAT/ Brazil -39.3 Banco America do Sul/ Brazil -39.5 BEMGE/ Brazil -52.1 Banco Bilbao Vizcaya/ Brazil -59.4 DEPOSIT GROWTH Banco Santander/ Brazil 291.8 Inbursa/ Mexico 132.2 Banco Hipotecario/ Argentina 118.4 BBV Banco Frances/ Argentina 86.6 ABN - Amro Bank/ Brazil 83.1 CCF do Brazil -35.1 BBM/ Brazil -37.6 Banco America do Sul/ Brazil -38.2 Chase Manhattan/ Brazil -55.4 INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTIONS dominate the ranks of banks posting the fastest expanding assets, loans and deposits in the region. But today's gain may well be tomorrow's loss. How can this be?

In Latin America, rapid growth is usually the single best indicator of trouble to come.

High flying newcomers often overextend themselves to gain market share. Many banks in Brazil...

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