Winchester Model 70 Featherweight.

Author:Anderson, Dave

The last of the original Winchester Model 70s was made in 1963. I was a few years short of being old enough to buy guns on my own and more than a few dollars short of the $139.95 price tag.

A decade would pass before I could make up the shortfall on both counts. What I wanted was a Featherweight in .270 Win. When the opportunity came to buy a Featherweight in excellent condition (at considerably more than the 1963 prices) it was in .30-06.

The rifle was made in 1962, when overall quality was not what it had been in the '50s, much less in the pre-war rifles. Checkering was coarse and rather poorly done, wood grain plain, buttplate made of plastic.

But some Winchester workers, at least the ones who made the barrel and action, and who inletted the stock, had too much pride to just slop the job through. The action is smooth and utterly reliable while the trigger pull (perhaps adjusted by a previous owner) is so nice I've never felt the need to touch it.

Accuracy was excellent from the start, and when I finally got access to a...

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