Winchester Ammunition Browning U.S. Repeating Arms.

Author:Thurman, Russ

Responding to the success of its .300 Winchester Short Magnum (WSM), Winchester Short Magnum (WSM), Winchester Ammunition is introducing two new short magnums, the 7mm WSM and .270 WSM. As with the .300 WSM, the introduction is being made in cooperation with Browning and U.S. Repeating Arms.

According to Winchester, the 7mm WSM exceeds the ballistics of the longer 7mm Rem. belted magnum round because of the case design and efficiency of the powder burn. Three bullet choices are available for the 7mm WSM. In the Supreme line, there is a 140-grain Ballistic Silvertip and a 160-grain Fail Safe. In the Super-X line, there is a 150-grain Power-Point bullet.

The .270 WSM, like the .300 WSM, offers precise head spacing on the shoulder and reliable feeding in short-action rifles. Initial offerings from Winchester include a 130-grain Ballistic Silvertip bullet and a 140-grain Fail Safe bullet, both in the Supreme line. A 150-grain...

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