WILPF Mini Grants.

Author:Cook, Tura Campanella
Position:Women's International League for Peace and Freedom

Nine projects have currently received funding through WILPF's Mini Grant Program. Here are reports on several of these projects, as well as a list of all nine.


WILPF members from several Midwest branches came together in Chicago on December 6 and 7 to celebrate Jane Addams Day with a brunch at the Hull House museum. (The state of Illinois honors Jane Addams as the first American woman recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize.) These meetings resulted in plans for WILPF to participate in Camp Hope at Hyde Park (Chicago), presenting the "WILPF Peace Agenda" to incoming President Obama. The brunch on December 7, attended by about 30 people and co-sponsored by the American Association of University Women of Illinois, featured a talk on "Jane Addams as Community Organizer," by Louise W. (Lucy) Knight, author of Jane Addams, Citizen in the Struggle for Democracy.


The project of Minnesota Metro WILPF is to provide programs, facilitators for panels and discussions, speakers, printed information, and a "Water Wall for Action." This Water Wall accompanies "The Art of Saving the Earth's Water," a water and women's rights international art exhibit co-sponsored by the Women's Caucus for Art and faculty members of the University of Minnesota Art Department. It is planned for Feb. 23 - March 25, 2010. Our emphasis is on the relation of women to water, its availability, accessibility, ownership and management, as expressed in the art works displayed. We are making good progress in finding and signing up participants for our programs.


The Pittsburgh branch has performed Jan Maher's play "Most Dangerous Women" five times at various venues to very receptive and enthusiastic audiences. We have been asked to perform again in March 2009 at La Roche College, as part of Women's History month. The play recounts the history of the founding of WILPF, and the women fighting for peace and social justice, some well known for their labor and feminist organizing...

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