William J. Flynn Cited As 'Outstanding CEO' Of Past Twenty-Five Years In LICONY Tribute.


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The Life Insurance Council of New York (LICONY) presented a citation to William J. Flynn, chairman and chief executive officer of Mutual of America, designating him as "outstanding CEO of the last twenty-five years." The decision to honor Flynn, was made at an executive session of LICONY's board last December. It was considered fitting to mark the end of the association's first twenty-five years of existence by recognizing the "most important CEO" of the industry during the entire span of years.

The board was unanimous in its feeling that "no one in the industry deserved the recognition" more than William J. Flynn.

The board also noted that Mutual of America has "enjoyed an unparalleled record of growth and financial success" under the "strong and vibrant leadership" of Mr. Flynn.

Presentation of the citation was made on February 17 at the LICONY 26th Anniversary Salute, held at the Plaza in Manhattan. LICONY was formed as a result of the consolidation of two New York State Life Insurance Companies and the Life Companies of New York.

LICONY now acts as a single voice for 65 of the leading New York life insurance companies that represent over 90 percent of the total assets of all domestic life insurers in the state.

The 1994 board of directors of LICONY are:

Chairman--Arthur V. Ferrara, chairman of the board and CEO, The Guardian Life of America: Chairman-Elect--John H. Biggs, chairman of the board and CEO, TIAA; Secretary-Treasurer --John F.X. Mannion, chairman of the board, president and CEO, Unity Mutual Life; Past Chairman--Herbert Kurz, chairman of the board, Presidential Life.

Also, Ted Athanassiades, president and chief operating officer, Metropolitan Life of New York; Richard A. Barasch, president and CEO, American Progressive Life & Health of New York; Robert J. Casper, director, The United States Lite; Brendan R Connelly, president and CEO, North America Reassurance; Barry J. Grosman, president and CEO, American Mayflower Life of New York: Harry G. Hohn, chairman of the board and CEO, New York Life: Peter P. Huff, president and CEO, American General Life of New York; E. Ernest Johnson, president and CEO, The North Atlantic Life of America; Rachel Lipari. chief operating officer, Standard Security Life of New York; Joseph J...

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