Wild, Margaret. Jinx.

Author:Rosser, Claire
Position:Book Review - Young Adult Review - Brief Article

Walker 215p. c2002. 0-8027-8830-0. $16.95. S

In the article beginning on page three of this issue of KLIATT the genre of novels in poetry form is discussed at length. Jinx is an excellent example of how a talented writer can use the format of many short poems to tell a complex story from several points of view. Wild is Australian, and so is her character Jinx, but their story will be easily understood by any teenager.

Jinx is a high school student with a good group of girlfriends. She lives with her single mom and her sister Grace, who has Down's Syndrome. The girls visit their father and his new wife regularly. Each one of these characters has a voice, a poem or more to express their feelings and place in the story, as do the following people in the story. Jinx's first love is Charlie, a handsome, rather wild boy who becomes lost in depression and...

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