Whyte, Jack. The singing sword.

Author:Farmer, Lesley S.J.
Position::Book Review - Young Adult Review - Brief Article

(The Camulod Chronicles, Bk. 2). Tor Forge 384p. c1996. 0-765-30458-9. $14.95. JSA

What happened before King Arthur? How did the famous sword get forged? Did Camelot have a beginning? Those questions are answered in the Camulod Chronicles. In this volume, number two in the series (following The Skystone), the Roman Empire is falling, and the Romans who oversee the southern part of the British Isles find more in common with the natives than with their "Italian" roots. The major threat is the northern Celtic contingency. The traditional Roman fighting techniques are no match for the guerilla tactics of these wild men, so the Brits and Romans work together to invent military strategies more conducive to the land: training combat troops differently, breeding larger horses, fashioning more...

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