Why NDTA--where are we going?

Author:Sherrill, Robert

There are a series of questions that I often ask myself, my board of directors, and consultants to make sure I'm tracking with what NDTA's membership wants: Are we--and can we be--a viable organization? Is there a paradigm shift that we must embrace? Can I persuade potential new members that NDTA is advantageous to them? Where is the NDTA going at the chapter level? How do you start or restart a chapter, and what does it take to keep one going? How do we get our corporate members' support at the national level, and have them encourage their personnel to get involved in supporting the chapter level? Many of these very topics also came up for discussion at the most recent meeting of NDTA's Regional Presidents.

In our globally competitive environment, it is important both as individuals and as an organization to constantly set new goals and objectives in order to improve ourselves and our organization. We simply cannot afford not to take advantage of new opportunities. One way to maintain and enhance skills and knowledge is to take advantage of professional development opportunities that an organization like NDTA provides. My belief is the best way to get more members is by providing professional education and then talking with those who have an interest--expand that benefits discussion to include building relationships, mentoring, community involvement and personal development. As NDTA develops programs of interest, it must also think about how to convey to individuals that our professional development programs will enhance their current and future "kit bag" of connections, personal and professional development.

The Air Force recognized this sentiment in the Secretary of the Air Force and Chief of Staff memorandum dated 23 February 2016, Subject: Interaction with Military Associations, "All personnel may enjoy a variety of benefits through their interaction with various military associations and other professional groups. In both the profession of arms and numerous occupational professions, these organizations support, promote, and develop the interest of our Services, as well as military professionalism ...

Through the years, military associations have provided numerous forums that foster military professionalism and development. The events are among the tools available to help you develop your people. At both the national and local chapter levels, these organizations also offer a wide variety of services to assist our military members and their families....

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