Why I give.

Author:Hirshberg, Gary

New England has some of the most beautiful and incredible natural places--the majestic White Mountains of New Hampshire, the stunning beauty of our many lakes and rivers, and a gorgeous coastline. These special places are home to many unique species and ecosystems, but they're also right next door to approximately 15 million people. We're lucky to have such natural beauty right nearby, but the pressure of having so many people in this region means we need to pay special attention to conserving these natural resources if we want future generations to be able to enjoy them.

Name any of the most pressing environmental challenges facing New England in the past two decades, and CLF has been there, leading the way with innovative solutions and pragmatic tactics for getting things done. Not only is CLF leading the way on important issues like the fight to shut down New Hampshire's costly and polluting coal--powered power plants--they're also working to make sure that we have the right policies to encourage clean energy alternatives in their place. CLF can do this because they have a...

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