Why here? How Detroit became known for cars.

Author:Miranov, Aaron

The CVB identified five pillars that are now known as the D Brand. The Detroiter takes a look at what we're good at - and why.


Detroit Rock City, Hockeytown and "The D" are common names when referring to the Detroit Region. But around the world, first and foremost, nothing is as synonymous with Detroit as "The Motor City."


Such portrayals are not dubbed overnight. The journey started in 1896, when Charles Brady King took a gasoline-powered carriage on a revolutionary eight-block ride starting on St. Antoine and ending at Cadillac Square. It was then that the Motor City was born.

Investors began to show great interest in the auto industry at the start of the 20th century. As a result, numerous small automotive factories began to take root in southeastern Michigan. The most notable was in 1903 by Henry Ford, who chose Detroit because of the readily available resources already established in the city. He famously invented the assembly line in...

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