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AuthorDeapo, Jamie
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* As I celebrate 20 years with Big I New York I have been reflecting on who we are and our mission. Although the name has changed several times over the years we were always known as the Big I and it is great to see that is now how we are officially known. Regardless of how our name has changed we have always believed Independent Insurance Agents serve customers best and we have always been committed to supporting our members in every way possible. Our focus and direction have always been provided by our Board that is made up of active members of our organization

In a time when independent agents have so many demands on them we are proud of our commitment and service to agencies of all sizes. In addition to their primary focus of providing advice and coverage to their existing and prospective clients our members are dealing with:

* Significant and time consuming regulations and laws.

* Increasing technology demands and the cost associated with them.

* A changing competitive landscape including non-traditional competitors.

* A shrinking employee pool and in ability to attract new, young talent.

* Governmental oversight based on perceptions of consumer manipulation for profit.

* Developing more sophisticated, specialized, high performing employees.

* Evolving consumer demands of speed and price not recognizing the importance of proper protection.

* Changes in risk associated with weather related and societal change.

We recognize that these issues affect independent agencies of all sizes and we are currently assisting our members with solutions. In the area of regulations, laws and governmental oversight many times we are able to get out in front of the issue either eliminating the problem or at the very minimum modifying it to reduce the impact it will have on members.

On a regular basis I am asked by prospective members why they should join Big I New York. I routinely ask th em about the issues listed...

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