Whopping results: from social media.

Author:Labanca, Alejandra

Social networks have transformed the way Burger King relates to its customers, especially in Latin America.

Jose Tomas, president of Burger King for Latin America and the Caribbean, tow Latch Trade the fast food chain's promotional campaigns through social media are more successful in Latin America than in other regions. He attributes this to enormous growth in the number of people with smartphones, and the fact that the company's franchisees are open to strategies that can be implemented using new technologies.

The company's rarest social network campaign targeted customers in Brazil using Facebook.

After hitting the one-million mark for people who registered as Burger King "fans" on the site, the chain gave away a Whopper (Burger King's flagship sandwich) to every person who had signed up. The fast food restaurant's page became the second most visited Facebook page in the country.

Technology has also changed the way the company, which was acquired by the investment fund 3G Capital in 2010, interacts with its franchisees in different countries throughout the region.

"In the last five years, our region has adopted a new way of thinking about how we communicate," Tomas said of Burger King operations in Latin America, New communications technologies (webinars...

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