Who says you can't go back?

Author:Taffin, John

Anyone who has done anything for any length of time has days when things just won't go right, and this was one of those days. The iron-sighted rifle was shooting 3" to the right. My brass punches for drifting the dovetailed rear sight were on my workbench while I was 25 miles away in the desert. I did manage to drift the front sight, however it was hanging so far to the right I was afraid it was going to pop out altogether.

I learned long ago there are two choices in situations such as these, keep going and watch the wheels really come off, or call it a day. The smart thing to do was call it a day. When on shooting excursions I always call Diamond Dot after I drive up out of the canyon to see if there is anything I need to bring home or if there are any messages. "Cactus called."

Cactus Tubbs is a transplanted Texan, former LEO, and good friend who runs a small store up in the mountains. Every time he comes down we get together for lunch at the world-class Los Compadres restaurant. I called him, left a message, and he returned my call just as I pulled into my driveway. "Hey John, I'm down at Boise Gun Co. and I just bought a couple of guns I want to show you." A few minutes later the Cactus Man pulled up at my house with a grin wider than the front bumper on his Dodge 4x4. He had two sixguns.


One was a very difficult to find (I know because it took me several years and then I found two the same week) Ruger 3-Screw .22 Super Single-Six with the rarer 5-1/2" barrel. Then his grin became even wider and he pulled out a familiar looking black box which I immediately recognized as being from United States Firearms. It turned out to be a 4-3/4" Rodeo chambered in .44 Special. As another sixgunner who loves the .44 Special this really had him excited, but even more so was the fact it was one of a pair of consecutively numbered .44s and he just knew I would want the other one. He certainly was right! However, there was one small problem.

Ever since our kids had graduated from high school and gone out on their own Diamond Dot and I have had our own separate money, but this year I turned everything over to her so she could pay off the house by the end of the year and we would then go back to separate checkbooks. Until then, she is the final word on all purchases. We explained the situation and she called Boise Gun and did the bargaining. Cactus and I went off to Los Compadres, then down to pick up the latest .44 Special. A bad...

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