Who likes public-private projects?

Position:THE SCENE

Chile and Brazil are the countries most inclined to make alliances with private sector groups. Argentina and Venezuela are the least interested.

In assessing the environment for public-private projects in Latin America and the Caribbean, it was found that the lack of infrastructure in Latin America and the Caribbean continues to be at the top of the political agenda in the region. That is the conclusion of Infrascope 2012, a recent study by the Economist Intelligence Unit for the Multilateral Investment Fund, which assesses the capacity of countries in Latin America and the Caribbean to establish public-private projects during the period December 2011-July 2012. Whether driven by external factors, such as the world sporting events that will be celebrated in Brazil, or internal factors, such as the infrastructure deficit emphasized by governments in such countries as Colombia or Costa Rica, the needs are pressing. This is due to reasons that range from the urgency to improve export competitiveness in Ecuador to modernizing transportation in the Dominican Republic. They have enabled the development of a form of consensus about the importance of private...

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