Who Are the Men in the Photo?

Position:Letters - Brief article

Ed. Several readers asked for the names of the men pictured on the cover of the Summer 2007 issue of Air Power History. The caption, printed on the bottom of page 1, identified them as members of the 86th Contingency Response Group who airdropped onto Bashur Airfield, Iraq, and began aerial port operations for the 173d Airborne Brigade to stabilize northern Iraq. They are: :

Col. Steven K. Weart, Cmdr, 86 CRG Maj. Erik K. Rundquist, Cmdr, 786 SFS Capt. Michael A. Evancic, OIC, Logistics SMSgt. Christopher Batta, Security TSgt. Benjamin D. Delmar, Intelligence SSgt. Jefferey R. Scott, Security SMSgt. Robert P. Henson, Security...

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