Where the directors are: The National Association of Corporate Directors is making sure Latinos get into boards.

Author:Schneider, Kristin
Position:The Corporate and Board edition

THERE IS a strong desire among top Hispanic leaders to increase Hispanic participation on corporate boards. The corporate governance ecosystem is complex and the aperture for being elected to corporate boards is tiny.

One of the predominant ways that board candidates are identified is through personal relationships and word of mouth. The National Association of Corporate Directors is the largest and most prominent association of board members in America. Long-term engagement with NACD is terrific way not only of developing vital corporate governance knowledge and honing skill sets, but of building the personal relationships and word of mouth that are instrumental in the process of director selection.

There is a saying that goes, "If you want to be powerful, go where the power is," according to some industry veterans. The NACD is "where the power is' in corporate governance in the U.S. and among Fortune 1000 boards of directors.

Over 870 Fortune 1000 companies have at least one NACD member serving on their board of directors. The NACD Annual Conference convenes over 1,200 participants, including a significant number of corporate directors. Along those same lines it could be said, "If you want to be a director, go where the directors are."

The number of Hispanics who participate in the NACD Annual Conference is consistently less than one percent. Some notable examples of Hispanic leaders who have participated in NACD programs inelude Cari Dominguez (NACD, Manpower and Triple S), Thaddeus Arroyo (AT&T), Aida Alvarez (Walmart), Kim Casiano (Ford, Mead Johnson Nutrition, Mutual of America), Tom Castro (Time Warner Cable), Jesus Delgado-Jenkins (7-Eleven), Unda Griego (AECOM and CBS), Mel Lagomasino (Coca-Cola, Avon), Israel Martinez (Newport Board Group), David Olivencia (SoftTek), Bea Perez (Primerica), Delia Reyes (Texas Mutual Insurance Company), Sol Trujillo (Western Union and WPP), and Nina Vaca (Cinemark, Comerica, Kohl's).

More Hispanic leaders need apply

One of the best opportunities to gain momentum toward increased Hispanic board participation would be for more top

Hispanic leaders to engage with the Association. Founded in 1979 and comprised today of over 16,000 corporate directors from some of the world's top companies, NACD is one of the foremost authorities on corporate governance nationally and globally.

The Association's focus is on advancing both exemplary board leadership and boardroom practices by directors, for directors. The...

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