Author:Jeary, Tony

What factor allows the most successful people to become even more successful?

This is the question I asked myself as I began a four-year project which recently culminated-one of the achievements I'm proudest of in my career. The overwhelming answer was one I've always known: The most successful people think.

As surprising as it sounds, thinking does not come easily to many people. Most individuals typically don't get the results they want because they're far too concerned with immediate action. Most people fail to pause, take a step back and strategically think about what they're doing-they fail to walk through the step-by-step processes for acquiring clarity, enhancing focus and ultimately achieving execution.

As an executive strategist, Tony Jeary International is all about helping our clients become stronger thinkers. When a CEO or company founder comes to meet with us with their inner circle, they have to be prepared to do the critical thinking that others won't.

I'm a strategy-minded person. For decades, I designed my work around the kind of life I wanted to live with my family. That meant my team and I worked out of what I called the Strategic Acceleration Studio, situated on my estate in North Texas. I could have found office space elsewhere, but to model the importance of intentionality to clients, I worked from this home studio because it allowed me to energetically dedicate more time to my two daughters, teaming up with my wonderful wife.

She and I always dreamed of raising extraordinary kids, and that's what our girls have become. Today our daughters are 26 and 22, and both are successful and happy in their individual careers, with two great men by their sides.

But once they were out of the house, my intentionality changed. I wanted to model for my clients the possibilities that strategic thinking can create for their businesses. So I began to build the ultimate think tank-The RESULTS Center.

I set the bar high for this new project, envisioning a place where the worlds' most successful people could come with their teams.

The RESULTS Center needed to be somewhere easily accessible to DFW Airport, so we built at an aspirational location that is just an eight-minute trip in our RESULTS1 sprinter van (a jazzed-up thinking environment in itself). The RESULTS Center needed to leverage all of my research and experience, so we built the Best Practices Library, housing an endless supply of all the books I've written-more than 50 of them...

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