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Position:TranslinkeD - Logistics services

The Detroit Regional Chamber isn't the only organization that recognizes the importance of logistics and transportation. TranslinkeD is falling in line with several other logistics initiative throughout the country, and giving the Detroit region the edge it needs to remain a competitive "hub."


Chicago-Cook County

The Chicago-Cook Business Center (CCBC), a public agency and principle economic development organization for the Chicago-Cook County region, spearcheac the Chicago-Cook County logistics initiative. The CCBC was instrumental in developing and implementing an expanding international trade program called the international Trade Partnership Program (ITPPI. It was established to promote increased international trade and international investment between the Chicago-Cock County region, as well as selected partner regions around the world. Currently, the ITPP has accomblished partnership agreements with Italy and Ireland, with additional agreements under development in Australia, beligium, China, India, Mexico and South Africa, just to name a few.

Kansas City Smart Port

The Kansas City (KC) SmartPort is a non-profit, investor-based organization supported by both the public and private sector. The two main focuses of the KC Smartport are to: (1.) grow the Kansas City area's transportation industry by attracting businesses with significant transportation and logistics elements and 2, make it cheaper, faster, more efficient and secure for companies to move goods into, from and through the Kansas City area.

The KC SmartPort is posed to be an excellent nub for logistics are transportation operations. It has the largest rad centre by tonrage, in the United States, and it has more Foreign Trade Zone space than any other U.S. city. The area is also located at the intersection of three of the nation's major interstate highways, has access to the Kansas City International airport, is located on the largest navigable inland waterways and is at the heart of a rail corrador spanning coast to coast across the U.S.

The KC SmartPort has three initiatives. They are; to attract investments from companies with significant transportation and logistics elements such as distribution certers, warehouses, third-party logistics providers and manufacturers; to start a trade data exchange (TDE), which is a way to improve the supply chain visibility and cargo security as it increases efficiency in the supply chain and to bring additional...

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