Where do you fit?

Position:Technology - Small business and technology adoption - Brief Article

When it comes to technology adoption, a study by Access Markets International (AMI) Partners Inc., a New York-based research and consulting firm, concludes that small businesses generally fall into one of these four tiers:

Enterprise adopters

If you fall in this category, you have probably learned that good quality comes at a price. You understand the value of consulting and support, and you demand that your IT product and service providers have relevant business expertise. You expect your providers to act as partners to ensure the success of the IT and business process convergence that typifies this segment. This segment represents 7 percent of small businesses. Most enjoy strong IT adoption across the board with annual IT budgets averaging $34,600 (1.2 to 1.3 percent of revenue).

Value-for-the-money early adopters

This segment is known for its early adoption of cutting-edge IT solutions and comparison-shopping habits with annual IT budgets averaging $12,000 (.7 to .8 percent of revenue). If you belong to this group, you are probably IT savvy and demand sensitivity to costs along with a high level of relevant business understanding from your IT product and services providers. Your providers need to...

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