When hitler stole pink rabbit.

When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit By Judith Kerr

I have never been to Europe, but author Judith Kerr made me feel like I was there as I read the historical novel, When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit. The book starts in 1933 when a nine-year-old girl named Anna begins a journey around Europe with her family at the time when Hitler was about to be elected.

Anna and her family go on this journey because her father, Papa, is worried about what will happen if Hitler wins the elections. Papa is a well-known author, and he knows that Hitler plans to destroy the Jewish people. Anna's family is Jewish. Anna's family packed up their things, and she and her brother Max are told to choose one toy to bring with them because they have limited room in their suitcases. Anna chooses her woolly dog doll and believes that she will get her other toys in the future. While Anna's family is in Switzerland, Hitler is elected to power. Anna learns that the Nazis have taken everything, and she will never get the belongings she left behind. Anna's Papa and Mama leave her and Max in Switzerland while they travel to Paris to decide whether the family should move there. While they are gone, Anna hears that the Nazis have placed a price of 1,000 marks on her Papa's head. When Anna hears this, she imagines that coins will be dropped on her father's head until he is buried, which scares her. Max explains to Anna what it really means. After a while, Papa returns to Switzerland to take Anna and Max to Paris, and a train...

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