WHEN ALL IS NOT EQUAL: Gender equality audits should be mandatory, a new survey says.

Author:Steffee, S.

Two-thirds of workers worldwide say gender equality in the workplace is achieved when men and women are paid the same, according to research commissioned by MAXIS Global Benefits Network. But as the United Nations has stated, equality goes beyond equal pay. It means women have equal opportunities for leadership and a work environment free from sexual harassment and discrimination.

"Pay parity is part of a wider discussion about the workplace, which includes employee benefits packages and workplace culture," says Patsy Langridge, global director of marketing and communications for Londonbased MAXIS. The survey polled 1,000 office workers in 10 different countries.

A sign of this concern is that two-thirds of respondents say organizations should be required to conduct an annual gender equality audit "to see how their workplace is evolving," Langridge points out. Such audits check the institutionalization of gender equality in organizations and identity aspects of organizational culture that may...

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