Whelan, Gerard. Dream invader.

Author:Conrad, Stacey
Position:Book Review - Young Adult Review - Brief Article

O'Brien, dist. by Independent Publishers Group. 176p. c1997. 0-86278-516-2. $7.95. J

The cover of this book is terribly misleading--looking at it one would be led to believe that the main characters of the book are a three-year-old boy and a car bed. While each of those do play a part in the book, they are not nearly as important as Saskia, Ms. Birdie Murray, and a nightmare creature called a Pooshipaw. Saskia, cousin of the three-year-old Simon, is visiting his family at a time when Simon is having terrible nightmares. No one is getting any sleep until they decide to take a holiday to visit Grandma. Grandma recognizes instantly that Simon's nightmares are the work of a Pooshipaw, who wants to take Simon away. The Pooshipaw's job is to make the child "hollow with fear" until one day he just fades away into death during sleep. Grandma seeks the help of Ms. Birdie Murray, the local witch. Saskia, fascinated by Ms. Murray...

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