The wheel of fortune spins Hydromat's way; new products, expansion match sustained growth.

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It wasn't too long ago that Hydromat Inc, St Louis, MO, held its annual open house for customers and friends to show off its new technology in rotary transfer machining, including single point threading, a laser tool positioning/feedback system for its CNC units, and even a cutoff unit that will reduce cutoff time by a half. While these developments represented Hydromat's continuing commitment to incremental improvements in its rotary transfer machining technology, the real stow was unfolding behind the scenes. Hydromat and its Swiss partners had just negotiated the purchase of the Rismatic line of rotary transfer machines.

According to Bruno Schmitter, president and CEO, Hydromat, which has enjoyed a consistent growth of 10% to 15% annually for its product lines, was doing what it has done best in the last five years - grow and prosper. New machine technology has fueled this recent growth surge at Hydromat. Growth, in fact, has forced the company to expand its manufacturing facilities three or four times in that time. Currently, the company employs some 200 permanent workers. In addition, Hydromat's in-house Apprenticeship Program provides the company with 20 trainees.

"Hydromat's strength continues to be its ability to draw upon the best technology available in the world and provide the engineering and service support to our customers in industries as diverse as automotive, appliance, plumbing, and electrical," Mr Schmitter, explains. "We are also very proud to be an ISO 9001 certified company. We feel strongly that this achievement will ensure our place as a leader in the world market." The company sources the basic machine and units from its suppliers and does the mechanical and electrical design and engineering work needed to produce a variety of off-the-shelf or customized high productivity rotary transfer machines.

The company's product lines include a full array of standard rotary and trunnion-style Hydromat transfer machines, full Windows NT-controlled and CNC precision transfer machines, indexing chuck machines, and the economical Pro 20 rotary transfer machine introduced at IMTS 96. The Rismatic machines fit well into Hydromat's rotary transfer machine product mix. They will extend Hydromat's product reach to secondary machining of castings, forgings, and blanks with a cube of 4[inches] for off-center work due to the Rismat's unique machine design, available in 6-, 8-, 12-, 16, and 20-station machines.

The Pro 20, billed as a...

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