What is your business management resolution for the new year?

Author:Arellano, Jonah

People have celebrated the passage of time since ancient days. Some people use the first month of the new year to announce their resolve that the rest of the year will be better than the last. We focus on renewal and hope for health and prosperity throughout the coming year. We commit ourselves to a project or a lifestyle change that will be advantageous to our well-being. That sense of optimism and opportunity provides a good start for implementing changes.

A new calendar year presents an opportunity for telcos as well-an opportunity to reflect on past accomplishments and identify innovative ways to improve the business. By embracing a new strategic direction or business philosophy, an opportunity presents itself to set goals and make plans to translate those goals into actions with employees and customers. What is your new year's resolution for 2007 with regard to business management?

In the new year, Baldwin Telecom (Baldwin, Wis.) "will continue to strive in providing quality service and advancing broadband services," said General Manager Larry Knegendorf. He notes that management will also "continue working with employees to provide affordable and quality service to our customers."

Having recently revamped its mission statement, Wilkes Telephone Membership Corporation (Wilkesboro, N.C.) general manager C.E. Ritenour Jr. will steer the organization's new year vision "to be the premier provider of information services to the customers we serve, while providing an excellent work experience for all employees." Ritenour has plans to fulfill the vision through "rolling out additional products and services to both ILEC and CLEC customers and empowering employees by identifying and removing road blocks, which hinder them from providing an excellent customer service experience."

Looking ahead to 2007, Industry Telephone Company (Industry, Texas) is making plans to push forward on IP technology. "We'll be closely tracking what's happening with USF and intercarrier comp," stated Delbert Wilson, general manager at Industry. "We choose to be optimistic about the future." With an eye to legislative and regulatory...

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