What your customers are reading now!(Industry news)


FMG Publications' four sister magazines are full of purchasing ideas--which your customers are reading about and looking to you and your store to fulfill. Here is what they are reading this month.

In the July/August issue of American Handgunner, writer Dave Anderson outlines why he reloads and what his favorite reloading components are in "Feeding the Habit: Reload For Competition Fun."

In "Police Special: Les Baer Brings Quality to an Entry-Level AR-15 for Police and Civilians," in GUNS Magazine's August issue, Thunder Ranch's Clint Smith says the Police Special "is a high-quality rifle made by people who care more about quality than how much money they can make." The rifle is available to both civilian and law enforcement buyers.


"On one hand, I love trying new rifles, especially ones I can hunt with. On the other hand, how much more can be said about another bolt-action rifle? Thanks to Kimber, quite a lot...

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