What we can expect.

Author:Jean-Louis, Tanner
Position:WE HEAR YOU - Letter to the editor

After running a campaign that spoke specifically to white racial grievances, Donald Trump was just elected President with the overwhelming support of white voters, especially those who are older and male. These voters saw the demographic writing on the wall, and knew that drastic action was needed to hold on to their privileges and preserve them into the future.

The people who elected Donald Trump now control every branch of government; they will do everything possible to ensure the potency of their shrinking electorate. The voter ID laws, reduced polling stations, and gerrymandering we've seen in recent years are just the beginning.

Expect to see a rise in deportations (already promised), and a drastic rise in incarceration. Trump ran as "the law and order candidate" and vowed to expand failed strategies like stop and frisk.

We may see some silencing of the press and other infringements on freedom of speech. This has happened in our country's not-too-distant past and Trump has literally...

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