What to Do When Conflict Happens.

Author:Woodward, Randy
Position:Video recording review

What to Do When Conflict Happens, Video, 2007, CRM Learning, $995.

Support: leader guide and slides, participant workbooks (10), book (10), reminder cards.


Conflict is inevitable. How we deal with it determines whether it breeds hostility, resentment, and stress. CRM's What To Do When Conflict Happens offers a viable off-the-shelf solution for training team members on basic conflict management.

The program includes a chaptered DVD (VHS available) containing vignettes illustrating the program's key learning points, a leader's guide, a CD-ROM containing a PowerPoint presentation and support materials, 10 workbooks, 10 reference booklets, and 10 reminder cards for quick recall.

There is enough material for a small business needing a one-shot effort, and reordering supplies is simple and straightforward. Everything from the workbooks to the video production to the storage case has a high quality look and feel.

Two things immediately struck me about this product: its completeness and its quality. Upon opening the box, a competent facilitator can be presenting the material to up to 10 participants after just a few hours study. With a price of $995 for the base kit, and supply reordering at about $30 per participant in small quantities, What To Do When Conflict Happens...

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