What's your strategy for the New Year?


Planning for a new year is a great way to refocus your energies. What will your strategy be in 2014? Here are some suggestions:

PROACTIVE REACTIVE Creating an "expertise chart" Sending an email to of your attorneys' key strengths, "all attorneys" for an trials, deals and industries served. vs. RFP that's due the next day. Reviewing bios to ensure the Frantically editing bios text focuses on what the attorneys after the client calls actually do and the industries they the relationship partner represent. vs. and asks why they're paying for someone who doesn't even practice in the industry. Weekly meetings with leaders Staying late to create a to guide strategic initiatives, last-minute report for stay on task and be as informed firm's top management as possible. vs. and filling it with generalities. Partnering with your attorneys Preparing for a major to...

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