What's Wrong with Frank Chin?

Position:Documentaries - Brief article - Video recording review

What's Wrong with Frank Chin?--97 minutes Moderator: Jeffery Paul Chan Session 8G Saturday, 3:30-5:00 Sakura A

SYNOPSIS: The ayatollah of modern Asian Americanism takes on the meaning of "Chinese," selling out, Christianity, and more in this examination of thirty years of controversy and verbal mayhem. What's Wrong with Frank Chin? breaks out beyond the confines of one man's personal details and explores the larger implications of the literary, ideological, and cultural changes in Asian America. (Best Documentary Feature, 2005 SFASSFF)

PRODUCER/DIRECTOR: Curtis Choy is the producer/director/ editor and everything else of What's Wrong with Frank Chin? He made his first sync-sound film while still in high school, and has been an independent producer and film worker since the early 70s. He has contributed to numerous independent and PBS...

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