What's selling.

Author:Parsons-Wraith, Lisa
Position:Arms and the woman

In McLelland-Merydith's experience, some of the best-selling shotguns at Sportsman's Warehouse are the Browning BPS bottom eject, which is good for fight-or left-handed shooters, and Browning's Citori over/under models.


She also noted that the Beretta 682 Gold E, Beretta 686 and 687 Silver Pigeons, and Beretta AL 391 are popular. According to McLelland-Merydith, the Beretta AL 391 is especially suited for new shooters because of its low recoil. Finally, the Remington 870 Express pump action and Bennelli M2 or M4 tactical shotguns are also quick to leave the shelves.

Firearms instructor Debbie Fischer agrees that shot-guns are excellent home-defense guns.

"I favor the 20-gauge models--the Remington 870, Mossberg 500 series and Winchester 1100," Fischer said. These shotguns represent some of the...

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