What really matters.

Author:Ellis, Josh

I can't take much credit for leadership on this issue of SUCCESS. In the most important stretch of editing and production, I didn't come to work. My team picked up all the slack for my absenteeism. And I have to thank Amy McMurry, Christian Stovall, Jesus Jimenez, Jamie Friedlander, Cecilia Meis and Jim McCabe greatly. Through their sacrifice, I was able to experience something deep and profound.

While the team was busy working on this issue, I was saying goodbye to my dad. He died on June 22, with me, his only child, holding his hand as he slipped away just a few days after suffering a massive heart attack.

I'll remember my dad not for those difficult final moments, but for his huge smile, bright eyes, workman hands and the big, tight hugs he gave, punctuated with a pat on the back and the words, "I love you, son." And I'll always be thankful to my team not only for the great work they do every month, but particularly for allowing me to be fully present in the hospital leading up to my father's passing, so I could speak those final words to him: "I love you, Dad."

When you have a great team, you don't have to worry because you know that if something happens, they have...

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