What It's Like for LGBTQ+ Doctors and Nurses.

AuthorJohnson, Sharon

Dr. Alicia "Lish" Smart is a nonbinary resident physician in the Harvard Radiation Oncology Program who has received a grant from the Mass General Brigham Office of Graduate Medical Education to study the experiences of transgender and nonbinary physicians, nurses, and other clinicians. The study is open to any transgender and nonbinary clinicians in the country. They hope to have respondents from many organizations and practice settings so that results are representative of a broad set of experiences.

Smart shared the following with The Progressive in an email:

"We know from prior studies that trans, nonbinary, and gender-expansive clinicians experience stigma and discrimination, including about 70 percent who have heard colleagues make disparaging remarks about transgender people and one-third who have witnessed mistreatment of transgender patients, such as refusing to use a patient's [chosen] name and pronouns or performing an inappropriate physical exam. Additionally, 50 percent of trans, nonbinary, and gender-expansive clinicians have experienced barriers when applying for jobs, including receiving inappropriate interview questions and hostility, lacking mentorships, and not being able to use their chosen name. Clinicians may also experience patients who are uncomfortable with their gender identity or expression.

"This study was developed by a team of trans and nonbinary clinicians and allies to characterize workplace experiences, such as misgendering, self-censorship, and transphobia. The study will also identify supportive factors, including the availability of mentors and transgender inclusive workplace policies. Our goal is to develop best...

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