WHAT IS THE POWER OF A BRAND? The meaning behind the motto.

Author:Farage, Erica

A brand name is one of the most valuable assets a company possesses. They create loyalty and trust, convey consistency, and lend credibility to businesses across the United States and around the globe. From quick-service restaurants to yoga studios, hotels, and home health care services, franchise brands exist with over 300 business formats and play an integral role in our economy and our communities. With over 730,000 establishments operating nationwide, franchise brands contribute to 674.3 billion of our GDP, and a workforce of nearly 8 million strong.

A brand is more than its name. It is a story of entrepreneurship, it is the feeling customers leave with after each experience, and it is the impact brands have within the communities they inhabit. Seventy-percent of Americans agree that franchise businesses are a part of their everyday life. Think of the franchise brands we grew up on, many we have come to know, love, and trust. Those and others are emerging and creating new goods and services for everyday people. These brands are the cornerstone of America and can be found in every state, every city and on every Main Street.

IFA launched a new education campaign aimed to raise the profile of franchising made possible through our strongest asset - BRANDS. This educational campaign, called the "Power of Brands," brings focus to the inspiring stories of the people and organizations with unique skill sets, diverse backgrounds and countless perspectives behind the franchise industry. Through this campaign, we are utilizing a dynamic network to connect with new audiences, key markets and legislators to bring awareness to the significance of the franchise business model.

The Power of Brands is a far-reaching grassroots effort, supported by the launch of a new website, powerofbrands.org. This is a digital resource that puts the stories of franchise business owners front and center. These stories communicate how franchising is unparalleled in that it lays a foundation for job creation and training, opportunity, and the ability to be in business for yourself, but not by yourself. Through these...

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