"What is essential when planning promotions that will garner revenue for news organizations?".

Author:Capparelli, Rebecca
Position:Wise Advice - Brief article

Promotions are one of the fastest growing segments of new revenue growth for GateHouse Media with an increase of 53 percent YOY last year and we work with our markets with six channels of revenue growth with promotions, such as: Best of the Best--leveraging growth opportunities, community enterprise, national promotions, custom advertiser promotions, increasing special section. We also have local event revenue with more than 300 seasonal promotions such as Mother's Day, Father's Day and Memorial Day.

For each one, articulating the value proposition is a primary objective. This includes a structured sales process and CNA followed by demonstrating the value in the audience, the multi-channel media plan, engagement and generation of marketing and sales leads.

Best of the Best is each market's largest business recognition program and also the largest...

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