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AuthorRay, Traci

At the end of the day, when I have checked off my tasks, fought traffic to get home and finally have time to relax, the idea of "being thankful" has a real opportunity to set in. While sitting in my office, I tried to write about things for which I was particularly thankful. However, I found that taking pen to paper on our back deck at home provided me with a much better perspective--it was really only as I watched my daughter examine the blades of grass in our backyard that what I am truly thankful for came into clear view.

My Family

My mom and dad are two of the coolest people I know. I hang out with them as much as I can, just hoping that a little of their coolness will rub off on me. Both retired, they spend their days watching our daughter, Ensley, while my husband and I work at Barran Liebman LLP, a boutique employment, labor and benefits law firm in Portland, Ore. My parents have taught me to work hard, to show that I care about those in my life and to laugh during every possible second. I am also more than thankful for my husband, Sean, who is an amazing attorney, a fabulous father and quite possibly the funniest guy I know. I guess you could say my family is my life, but then you'd have to consider my firm part of my family, too.

My Law Firm

I began working at Barran Liebman LLP five years ago. At the time, I was a new attorney who wanted nothing more than to work for the best law firm in Portland. I deemed Barran Liebman LLP to be that firm after meeting some of the attorneys at local bar events. I thought: "Hey, these attorneys are so happy. They speak highly of their firm, and they genuinely like each other. Wow, I want to work where they work." After a little plotting and a whole lot of guts, I got my shot at Barran Liebman LLP. Five years later, I can honestly say I love waking up in the morning and going to work. From the people who work here, to the great work they do, to our firm culture that supports the Portland community, and celebrates the professional and personal accomplishments of attorneys and staff alike, I am so thankful that I found my home at Barran Liebman.

My Mentors

When I consider all of the people who have paved the way for working parents, those who have supported me throughout my educational and professional career, and the attorneys and marketing directors to whom I look daily for advice, I feel awful that I don't thank my support system every single day. Well, here's my chance!

My grandmother, who...

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