Cinescopes: What Your Favorite Movies Reveal About You.

AuthorShaw, Heather
PositionBrief article - Book review

Work Title: Cinescopes: What Your Favorite Movies Reveal About You

Work Author(s): Risa Williams and Ezra Werb

Quirk Books

176 pages, Softcover $14.95


ISBN: 9781594741913

Reviewer: Heather Shaw

Risa Williams, who holds a master's in psychology, and Ezra Werb, with a degree in film studies, have come up with a horoscope for anyone who believes in good movies. Surely everyone has a favorite movie or two, and that, claim the authors, is all it takes to shuffle and analyze personality.It's very simple. Make a list of your top ten favorite flicks. (If you get stuck, go to the index and wander through the stacks.) Then, from this glossary, jot down the codes that follow the film titles. Whichever two-letter code occurs most often is your Cinescope. For example, if you're a Destined Hunter, you "have the ability to look evil in the eye and tell it where to go." One of your favorite movies might be Unforgiven, or Die Hard. On the other hand, if you're a Rebellious Lover, your favorites might be Out of Africa, or Closer. An Existential Savior will go for I Heart Huckabees, while a Dedicated Idealist will...

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