What a difference take two was.

Author:Kristie, James
Position::THOUGHT LEADERSHIP - Reprint

From Leadership in Focus by Vern Oakley Copyright [C]2017 by the author. Published by Greenleaf Book Group Press (www.gbgpress.com).

I find I get the best performance from someone if I've spent quality time with her or him before filming. Experienced communication professionals understand this, so they will try to arrange a short time with leaders before the shoot.

During these meetings I don't usually discuss the questions I'm planning to ask in the interview. I've discovered that when I do this, they often try to write answers to these questions in advance and then memorize them for the camera. Not a good approach. Instead I ask them to tell me some stories about themselves--anecdotes and stories about their background, how they got into the business, their vision for the future--always hoping to discover what they really care about. I need to observe their natural communication style as they're speaking to establish what I am striving to capture on set.

Later during the interview I may bring up some of the stories I heard earlier, and comment, "Hey Ian, didn't you tell me you were once an engineer?" Bingo. The CEO remembers our talk and gives me a great to-camera bite that helps establish his or her humanity.

I also observe the inflection and tone of voice and body language. Recently, a CEO on camera said he was excited about a merger. The words were right but the energy...

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