What can the D Brand do for you?


Every time someone says or shows something great about Detroit that lines up with the spirit and substance of the D Brand story, that person is helping to reinforce a positive perception of the city and region. "Great," you may say, "but why should I bother? I've got my business to run and my own marketing to conduct." The answer is: don't bother. Instead, simply see how the D Brand can help further your own business agenda. If it fits, great. Depending on what business you're in and what agenda you've set, the D Brand can help you to succeed. So, first question: What do you want to accomplish? Here are three simple places to start. For more inspiration, visit dbrandsummit.com. (All the tools cited below are downloadable there for free.)

Attract and retain talent.

Put some meat on your employment-focused recruitment and retention messages by looking at the D Brand's messaging around Cars, Culture, Music, Gaming and Sports - five pillars of the brand designed to resonate with the same young adult visitors who just might want to relocate. You'll find it all in the D Guide. You might borrow some perspective from the D Brand Story, too. Help newbies get their bearings with D Brand Maps. And, while you're at it, consider turning them on to great, on-brand links to the region such as Metro Times, modeld.com...

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