What are some current circulation challenges in the newspaper industry, and what services does Impact Sales Solutions provide to help news publishers with them?

Author:Fortner, John
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As our industry continues to change and publishers rely more on home delivery price increases to improve revenue, it has become a top priority to stay in contact with customers throughout their subscription cycle to ensure timely renewals. There are several points used to keep in touch with subscribers.

One of those points during the retention timeline is to make friendly reminder calls to secure payments. These calls are friendly and often end with a payment renewal, or in many cases converted to EZ Pay. We often see 35 percent or higher conversion rates to EZ Pay.

Another timeline contact is to call on former subscribers. This is also an important part of the sales mix. For example, we can manage the rotation of your former subscribers to provide top results for maximizing the revenue and securing EZ Pay and digital orders.

Calling on current subscribers to increase frequency of delivery or convert to digital is an opportunity to increase circulation and revenue.

At Impact Sales Solutions, we are a full-service provider for all outbound calling campaigns. We provide a market analysis that breaks down data files for accurate accounting of the database calling opportunities. We offer detailed reports to keep everyone...

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