Westerfeld, Scott. The Risen Empire.

Author:Chancellor, Cara
Position:Brief article - Book review

WESTERFELD, Scott. The risen empire. (Succession, Book One.)Tor. 349p. c2003. 978-0-76531998-2. $14.95. SA*

A line has been drawn in the stars. The undead Emperor's sister, Anastasia, is a hostage of the Rix, machine-enhanced humans who germinate and protect Al minds that challenge the Emperor's rule. Standing between the Rix and the creation of an AI on Anastasia's home planet is Captain Laurent Zai, commander of the imperial battle frigate Lynx. A lifelong "gray"--one of the Empire loyalists who aspires to become an immortal "risen"--Zai is caught between imperial intrigue and his forbidden love for Nara Oxham, a senator from the pro-death "pink" party. Together, the two must find a way to end the war, even if it means uncovering a secret that will dissolve the Empire.


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