Westerfeld, Scott. Pretties.

Author:Musher, Samantha
Position:Brief Article - Young Adult Review - Book Review

WESTERFELD, Scott. Pretties. (Sequel to Uglies.) Simon & Schuster. 370p. c2005. 0-689-865392. $8.99. JS*

This gripping sequel to Uglies begins as Tally is enjoying her new life as a pretty. She's with her best friends Shay and Peris again, she has a gorgeous new boyfriend named Zane, and she's about to join the most sought-after clique in New Pretty Town. But when she receives a message from her old friends in the Smoke, she's reminded of her mission: to test a cure for the brain surgery that dulls the minds of pretties. She and Zane share the cure, which clears their minds but makes Zane dangerously ill. The couple teaches the rest of their clique how to keep their minds clear without the cure. But with her newly clear mind, Shay remembers Tally's betrayal of the...

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