Wells, Leslie. The curing season.

Author:Tibbetts, Sally M.
Position:Book Review - Young Adult Review - Brief Article

Warner 248p. c2001. 0-446-67866-x. $13.95. SA

The title refers to the aging process in the farming of tobacco for shipment and sale. This ties in with the life process and the story of Cora Mae Slaughter, which can only be described as one of horror. Cora Mae has a clubfoot, an alcoholic father, a passive mother, a pretty sister and a love of, reading. Her home life is not untypical of the many families who did tobacco farming back in the 1940s--marked by poverty, racial unrest, and a kind of hopeless futility mixed with strong religion. Cora Mae's hope is that she will somehow be able to go on to higher education (despite little encouragement on the home front). But, like so many downtrodden and desperate girls, Cora Mae finds the attentions of drifter Aaron Melville too strong and falls into a relationship that proves almost fatal. As Cora Mae narrates her story there is always the feeling that this abuse is about to end--surely no woman could live through more. But between her fears, her feelings of helplessness, and her constant belief that...

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