'Wellness Week' at Viceroy Zihua-Mexico.


The pleasures and benefits of going on vacation to a seaside resort are being taken to new heights at Viceroy Zihuatanejo with Wellness Week March 13-19, 2017 - a multi-faceted program to create happiness, health and wellness while traveling.

Wellness Week will offer a full Monday-through-Sunday program of activities and events. On the agenda are yoga, meditation, Aqua FIT, paddle boarding, paddle board yoga, juice smoothie tastings, cooking classes, lectures and runs with acclaimed running guru Dr. Jason Karp, Ph.D. and healthy-lifestyle lectures by wellness pioneer Dr. Edward A. Taub, M.D. .

Viceroy Zihuatanejo launched the unparalleled Way to Wellness program last year under the direction of Dr. Edward Taub, a leading authority of the discipline. Known as "America's Wellness Doctor," he is a veteran lecturer-speaker and author of eight books on wellness including best-seller, The Wellness Solution. He is a veteran lecturer -speaker at numerous wellness symposiums, and founder of the Wellness Medical Institute.

"Our wellness program focuses on combating stress, the major challenge of our times, while guiding guests to greater happiness, health and wellness by immersing them in an active and rewarding lifestyle," explained Dr. Taub.

The resort continues its "Way to Wellness" initiative by holding regular weeklong wellness events such as the March Wellness Week. The program is also being expanded...

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