Welcome to another edition!(EDITORS)

AuthorVega, Sarai

I am so glad that you have picked up another great edition of the year! This particular edition is dedicated to the valuable work being done in the BOARDROOMS. This special edition features the list of at least 200 Latino men and women who are part of a boardroom. The amount of effort that went into this list is worth of recognition. Our team gathered everyone's biography, along with the quotes and list of current board placements. This is the work that is put into this index every single year. Along with this list, this edition also includes remarkable interviews with Board members. Our mission was to understand what happens within these Boards, from their perspective. We look to understand a few things. First, what is the impact of Latinos on boards? What can Latinos bring to the Boards? For those looking to serve on a Board, how should they equip themselves?

We also interviewed those that commit to placing more Latino executives on Boards. These headhunting firms are the first ones leading the initiative to create more diverse and inclusive boards. Our team...

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