Welcome and opening of 2009 Annual Conference.

Author:Ujczo, Daniel D.
Position:PROCEEDINGS OF THE CANADA-UNITED STATES LAW INSTITUTE CONFERENCE on An Example of Cooperation and Common Cause: Enhancing Canada-United States Security and Prosperity Through the Great Lakes and North American Trade: Cleveland, Ohio April 2-4, 2009

Speaker-Daniel D. Ujczo


MR. UJCZO: Good morning. I am Dan Ujczo, the Managing Director of the Canada-United States Law Institute. (1) On behalf of the Institute, our two founding institutions, Case Western Reserve University School of Law (2) and The University of Western Ontario Faculty of Law (3) and the members of our Executive Committee and Advisory Board, (4) 1 again welcome you to the 2009 Annual Conference, "An Example of Cooperation and Common Cause."

This annual conference marks the twenty-fifth Annual Conference. (5) This is affectionately known as the "Henry King Conference," as our legendary Chairman, Henry King, created it in 1984 as a way to bring together government officials from each side of the border, as well as, industry leaders, legal professionals, scholars, non-governmental organizations, and the media to discuss the issues confronting the Canada-United States relationship. (6)

As we discussed last evening, our Chairman is unfortunately unable to join us this weekend. As many of you know, Henry is undergoing some rehabilitation from a health issue that he suffered over the holidays, but he certainly is in our hearts and in our minds as we move forward with this conference.

Just a quick introduction and I will quickly turn it over to our panel. Consul General Robert Noble set the perfect tone for this conference during last evening's opening dinner. (7) I do know that a number of you came in on late flights last night. We tried, for as many of you that we knew were coming in late, to bring you dinner and a glass of wine over to the hotel. However, I add that it is not a customary service of the Glidden House to have a law student show up at your door at midnight with food in hand.

You will also see next to me the Niagara International Moot Court Competition Trophy. Beyond the Annual Conference, the Canada-United States Institute runs a number of other programs throughout the year, including periodic conferences held in places like Washington, Toronto, Ottawa, and Vancouver. (8) We recently wrapped up a symposium focused on security and defense cooperation between Canada and the United States, and more specifically issues that arise when our young men and women fight shoulder-to-shoulder in places like Afghanistan, and issues such as arctic sovereignty and the cooperation on the Great Lakes. (9)

One of our other crown jewel programs is the Niagara International Moot Court Competition, which draws law...

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