Welcome ACA's New Professional Development Committee!(PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT UPDATE)

Author:Halbritter, Jessalyn

Under the presidency of Gary C. Mohr, the Professional Development Committee held its first meeting at the 149th Congress of Correction in Boston this past August. The committee is co-chaired by David Bobby, regional director of the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections, and Colette Peters, director of the Oregon Department of Corrections.

"This committee is charged with building a meaningful and ongoing approach to engage and develop ACA members at conferences and throughout the year in the following two content areas: Community Corrections and Prison Management," said Mohr. "To ensure that the established ACA committees are aligned and involved in this initiative, the chairs of the relevant ACA committees will serve as members of the committee. Beginning with the 2020 Winter Conference, the committee will be asked to develop and deliver a four-hour integrated training block for each of the two content areas."

Following this mandate set by...

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