Webtone... Shapinq the way Latin America communicates in the 21st century.


PUBLISHER'S NOTE: NORTEL (NORTHERN TELECOM) works with customers in more than 150 countries and territories to design, build, and integrate communications networks. Headquartered in Sunrise, Florida, just outside Miami, Nortel CALA (Caribbean and Latin America) is a 900-employee fully owned subsidiary of Nortel, serving 47 countries in the region from Bermuda to the southern tip of South America.

Nortel has established a strong presence in Latin America and the Caribbean by deploying advanced wireless and wireline networks, Its success in the region and the company's commitment to research and development has positioned Nortel well to help its customers into the next generation of telecommunications networks, those that are integrated and optimized for Internet Protocol.

According to a study by Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi, it is expected that by the year 2000, there will be over 250 million Internet users worldwide. This represents a 300 percent increase over the 75 million Internet users registered in 1997. Nowhere else in the world has the growth been so dramatic as in Latin America. The number of Latin American sites on the World Wide Web doubles every six months, and more than 1,000 products and services from the region are currently advertised on the Web.

Nortel is prepared to anticipate the demand of Internet users in Latin America. With its knowledge of the region and experience as telecommunications solution providers, Nortel's webtone vision will help shape the way Latin America communicates in the 21st century.

Following is an interview with Daniel Hunt, president of Nortel CALA.

Q: Lately a lot of what we've been hearing from Nortel is centered on something called webtone. What exactly is webtone?

A: Webtone is Nortel's vision of a network that is optimized for Internet Protocol (IP); accessible by anyone, from anywhere, at any time. Webtone combines the strengths of the Internet and the global telecommunications network to enable new data networks to deliver the same kind of reliability, integrity, security and capacity found in voice networks.

Q: How does webtone work?

A: The best way to understand webtone is to think of dialtone. You pick up the phone and there it is. You call from anywhere in the world from a wireless phone in your shirt pocket. Access is taken for granted. Like dialtone, webtone will be everywhere, accessible in at least as many places as conventional or wireless phones are today.

Q: What...

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