Webley ammo.

Author:John, Jeff

Q: I have several early English revolvers made by Trantor, Wilkinson, Hills Patent, Webley Marks 1 & 2, Webley No. 5, Bulldogs and one pre-1900 Colt SAA in 450B. Fiocchi makes ammo for the .455 Mark II and a ".450 Corto" which I call .450 Colt. These are both very short cartridges. I am wondering if Fiocchi loads them to low enough pressures to be used in the pre-1900 handguns? In other words, are they loaded to black powder pressures? I have written them a few times but no reply. They also load some other odd and interesting calibers but I am interested in these first.

Leo Hamel

San Diego

A: It sounds like you have a neat, enviable collection there. Those are some nice guns. I've fired both Fiocchi .455 and .450 Corto (.450 Short) with good results from English Webleys and Bulldogs. One caveat is the condition of the gun. Guns designed for black powder often have greater headspace and barrel/cylinder gaps with a little...

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