Author:Thurman, Russ
Position:Fire Arms

Weatherby introduces the Mark V Super Big GameMaster (SBGM), a new lightweight rifle designed to provide deer hunters with the accuracy of a top-notch varmint rifle.

A weight of 5.75 pounds (6.75 pounds for magnum models) puts the SBGM at the low end of the lightweight rifle class. It features a 24-inch blackened, stainless steel Krieger Criterion fluted barrel to maximize velocity. Magnum models have a 26-inch, cold hammer-forged barrel. The barrel is hand-lapped to reduce fouling. The magazine capacity is 5+1 for standard calibers and 3+1 for magnum loads.

Weatherby is also introducing five models in its new SAS (Semi-Automatic Shotgun) line. Designed for upland bird hunters, waterfowl hunters and sporting clays enthusiasts, the models, all in 12 gauge, are...

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