Wealth management advisor: Karin V. Larrave, is a financial advisor from Northwestern Mutual who makes philanthropy a cornerstone of her business.


Legacy-building and philanthropy are about more than giving money. They are concerned with pursuing goals of ultimate personal importance. Northwestern Mutual Wealth Management Advisor Karin Larrave and her team make that the cornerstone of their business.

Larrave's dedication to philanthropy is apparent when she meets new physicians and asks for them to volunteer a week of their lives to join her in addressing the healthcare crisis in rural areas of Latin America through HELPS International. Individuals who are committed to philanthropy are motivated by a desire to have a positive impact on the organizations and causes they support.

Larrave can assist you whether you wish to establish or continue your tradition of giving, unite your family around a noble purpose or contribute your own experience in new ways. She inspires her clients to achieve their financial, social and spiritual goals through partnership and mutual responsibility. These are qualities that set Karin and her team apart.

The Larrave team works with clients to identify their life goals, design and implement a unique strategy that allows him or her to focus on what is truly important. Their goal is to ensure that you, your family and your income are protected from unnecessary financial risk, so that your money lasts as long as you live, and you are able to leave the meaningful legacy you strive for.

These plans involve transitioning wealth into predictable Income in retirement while considering the legacy goals of each client. Karin and her team apply comprehensive strategies, provide expert advice and make recommendations based on each client's priorities to produce a financial strategy that will be one of a kind, and built on a solid foundation.

Karin is committed to making your financial planning and...

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